Interactive Voice Response System Speech Recognition

In Speech Recognition Interactive Voice Response System / IVRS / IVR application, the words spoken by the caller are chopped into smaller pieces and compared with the words that are already stored in the database, and execute the command which is most similar to the one stored in the database. This enables customers to avoid complex DTMF commands. Also, unlike touch-tone interactive voice response system, speech recognition does not restrict the input to ten digits or keys.


It is proved to be a good substitute to the receptionist attending the phone calls. You can handle multiple calls at a time using this technology. Thus reducing the labor cost and providing better customer service. This works best when combined with a touch tone interactive voice response system. Also, if you are already using touch tone DTMF Interactive Voice Response System, you just need to restructure the design rather than to change the logic and reinvent the design for speech recognition Interactive Voice Response System.


It is best suited for applications where directed responses are needed, like where you are giving option to the caller to answer in either YES or NO, and where the inputs are limited.


The best-suited speech recognition engine is opted according to your business needs, design, features, support programming languages, environment, complexity, cost and implementation of the engine. Voice XML and Speech Application Language Tags are used as the programming language to develop Speech Recognition Interactive Voice Response System.

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