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Visual Dialer is more than predictive dialer, it´s smart dialer.

It’s good dialing  fast, but it’s better to know who to dial  smartly



Maximize the number of human voice calls to your agents Identify customers who answer live on outbound campaigns using call analysis.

We have two ways to use our system:

Predictive Dialing helps you ensure that only calls from customers with human voice are transferred to your agents.

Preview Dialing allows your agents to review customer data before calling.

Our experts have developed algorithms to improve the efficiency of cell phone dialing.



Visual Dialer
  • Predictive dialing
  • Preview dialing
  • Dial alternate numbers with dialing rules
  • Server controlled call list
  • Set up Call Disposition Rules


  • Connects to your business PBX
  • Use your SIP Provider, IP PBX
Web Agent
  • Wait for agent wrap up before resume next call
  • Auto screen popup when a call connects
  • Call back scheduling
  • Agent can access multiple simultaneous campaigns
  • Multi agent access from anywhere
  • Agent talks on a computer with a usb headset

  • Unlimited data fields and dispositions
  • Easy Importing and Uploading
  • Edit, Add, Delete Contacts
  • Track contacts and interaction history automatically.

CRM Integration
  • Quick Access to Built-in CRM
  • Zoho CRM integration support
  • SugarCRM integration support
  • Salesforce integration support



  • Detailed call reports
  • Live Campaign Results
  • Custom Report




Improve effective contact levels in outbound calls in your Contact Center, by adding intelligence and predictive analytics to the records to be dialed.

Do not spend more resources on generating calls to the entire database of prospects, rely on historical behavior to make the best decision with predictive models of virtual machines. Fulfilling the quotas of its call center with less resources and less time.



Predictive Analytics

Callcenters are generating a large amount of data from their customers, and require a more efficient way of converting these volumes of information into strategies for business optimization.

This information that is being generated around the customer every time that interacts with the callcenter by the different channels, is very valuable information that not only must be stored, it must be harnessed by the analysis of data.

By analyzing customer data it is possible to accurately predict customer behavior and trends, to ensure a better customer experience.


Visual Dialer incorporates powerful predictive analytics models to assess what changes need to be made and have the greatest impact on company performance.


We offer the experience of our consulting team

For implementing big data, machine learning y predictive analytic


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We provide our consultant staff, who will help you to use your historical data (BigData) that generate the interactions you have with your client and make better decisions, generating patterns of behavior with your data and make use of predictive models, fulfilling As well as contact quotas.