How it works

IVR Testing

The IVR plays a critical role in keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently.

VisualVerify monitors Call Center Service Quality for incoming calls simulating your IVR customer interactions. With our cloud solution you can schedule test calls at regular intervals to your IVR from the public telephone network, emulating the real environment of your customers.

These test calls can be programmed to be performed, in different time lapses and take the pulse of your IVR 24 hours a day.

You can determine the response time when answering a call, play welcome messages, or for every IVR section; as well as the availability or response time of the database, host and web services your IVR is using.

Our tool creates incoming calls for verifying or detecting changes on the planned IVR flow, verifies that calls reach the ACD, and are distribution to the right agent as scheduled.


IVR Speech Recognition Testing

Determine if your Speech recognition motor is available, send be phrases, which can be accepted to the IVR for recognition, detecting if, and those phrases whether they follow the planned flow. In case of failure, to send the corresponding alerts to contacts for corrections.




We offer the experience of our consulting team for planning IVR options, the right number of calls per option, the appropriate scheduling, the number of simultaneous calls depending on the number channels in your organization.
Our consultant advices you on the best planning test for telephone network validation, adjusting alerts and reports in case of IVR failure.